Tuesday, July 31, 2007

British Columbia

I recently took an incredible trip to the Northern tip of Vancouver Island in British Columbia to do a little fishing as part of an annual family trip. The fishing was the best in years (me with 70lb. halibut pictured) and the wildlife sightings were incredible. Several future paintings will definately come from this trip as I saw plenty of black bears, numerous whale species, and lots of bald eagles and sea birds. The picture below is of a humpback whale breaching. He did this several times not too far from our boat.I had a chance to get a couple of plein air paintings done as well. The painting below is a secret spot off an island chain in Queen Charlotte Strait which is near a fantastic salmon hole. The lighting was continually changing because of some overhead clouds as was the pattern created by the breeze in the water so I had to paint fast! These paintings are fun, challenging and allow for a much looser style than my studio paintings.http://www.mathiosstudios.net/

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