Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Generations Nearly Finished

This painting is getting close to being finished. It is of my son and my dad going on my son's first duck hunting trip. The painting is called Generations because of the tradition that is being passed down. This is the same area that I grew up hunting and it was really special seeing my son walking the same road with my Dad that I had so many times. There is an earlier post about the progress of the painting in a May entry.


Cathy D. said...

where are the paintings of which you speak, kind sir?

Mistress Regina said...

You are quite talented. This piece is truly priceless.

I enjoyed the story about your painting of ducks; interesting how deadlines can fuel creativity.

I should mention, I have two associates whom I am sure would be pleased to engage in a link exchange. You deserve a larger audience; regardless of how many visitors you have.

Have a glorious day.

Adam said...

Just wanted to say first that I have always enjoyed your stuff!

And secondly, I enjoy this blog area... keeps me coming back to check often. It prompted me to add a "blog" of sorts to my homepage. It's not a true blog, but just a place where I try to go update it as often as possible to let people know whats going on...

Look forward to seeing more great stuff! Thanks!