Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Progression of a Painting - Blue Jay 5" x 7" acrylic

Below is the progression of a recent commissioned painting of a blue jay on a whitetail shed. In this first image, the shed is painted in with Titanium White and a touch of Raw Umber as is the bird. The bird hs a unique, transparent and ghostly look to it. The only parts painted on the bird so far are the white feathers so all of the blue and black are not there yet.

Here, the blue has been started. The entire painting was done with a Connoisseur #2 liner. The leaves in the background were painted in very loosely using Paynes Gray and Raw Umber for the dark areas. Then, they were covered with very watery washes of Burnt Siena and Orange.

Here the footless bird is nearly comleted and the only thing left to do is tighten the leaves, the antler and the bird then add some extra branches and leaves to help anchor the antler into the ground a bit more.

...more habitat added

...and, the finished product.