Friday, January 22, 2010

2010 Texas Stamp Paintings

Here are my two most recent paintitngs. The wigeon can be seen in the blog post below in progress. It will be the 2010 Texas Migratory Gamebird Stamp. The Cedar Waxwings will be the 2010 Texas Nongame Stamp.

Both stamps and prints will be released within the next couple of months will be used to raise monies to acquire and/or enhance wildlife habitat in the state of Texas. Currently there is more information available about these paintings on my daily paintings blog. As the dates near for the release of the stamps and prints more information will be available as well.
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wigeon Painting in Progress

Here is a picture of my studio desk and the painting I am working on which consists of a pair of wigeon drakes standing among some marsh grasses. On my desk is also a pair of actual wigeon drakes that I was lucky enough to get while hunting this past weekend. These "in hand" specimens are allowing me to add incredible feather detail to my painting. It reminds me of the way John James Audubon used to paint for his field guides. He shot his birds first, which enabled him to closely observe the feathers and the anatomy of birds. There truly is no better reference than a bird in hand (better than two in the bush).

On the computer are wigeon photographs that I have taken and am also using for various parts of the painting, but they compare little to the actual birds. I will post the finished painting soon.
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