Monday, April 23, 2007

The Development of a Painting

Below is a series of four photos that shows the progression of the painting Into the Open. This first image shows the large, blocky brushstrokes that I use when I first start working. On the right of the painting you can see a good example of this, while on the left you can see where detail begins to get worked over the larger strokes.
More trees in the background have been added as well as more detail in the grasses and a couple of the aspens. The foreground in front of the aspens remains very basic still.
Here, you can see the painting has taken quite a leap. The elk is in and the grasses and trees are quite detailed. If you scroll up and down between the bottom picture and this one, you can see things that haven't been added yet like foreground detail, detail in the aspens and the far background.
The finished product... Into the Open 24"x36 Acrylic on Board c.2006

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