Thursday, March 8, 2007

March Trip to the Klamath Basin

I just got back from a trip down to the wetlands that border Oregon and California. I started out at Shasta Wildlife Management Area, and thanks to Mike McVey the assistant manager, I was able to have full access to the property including a vehicle. All in all, I scoped 42 species of birds on the area and did a lot of sketching and photographing. The area also boasts quite a deer population and I was able to get great mule deer reference although the bucks had just shed their antlers. A cougar was also on the property the day I was there! The picture to the left is of majestic Mount Shasta being graced by some migrating waterfowl. The next day I headed up into the Klamath Basin to get some photographs and was able to witness the arrival of migrating snow, ross, and white-fronted geese. The area was still snow bound but the ponds were thawed. Bald eagles were everywhere!

I want to start working on paintings from this trip but a couple of other projects await my attention. Stay tuned and please visit my website to see my paintings...

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