Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Elusive Blacktail Buck

I have in my possession an unfilled Western Oregon Buck Deer Tag. Deer tags in Western Oregon are very different than deer tags in most states - they are for one blacktail buck not having less than a forked antler. What is so different about that? The blacktail's habits (or lack thereof) and habitat make them very difficult to hunt. They spend their time in thick cover and are extremely elusive. On the other hand, whitetail deer are very habitual in their use of trails and mule deer often spend time in more open country. This season only has a week left after an upcoming one week hiatus and that final week is the beginning of the rut which should bring the bucks out a bit more. So far though, after hunting through thick wet cover, I have only seen does (pictured) and spikes. Maybe the last week will offer the opportunity at one of these elusive bucks.
PS - The photos are a bit blurry because of the low light conditions...

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