Saturday, June 23, 2007

Typical Artist!!

Well, I think I lived up to a typical artistic stereotype this past week. A deadline of Friday afternoon was rapidly approaching to get this mallard painting finished for the Oregon Ducks Unlimited "Artist of the Year" competition. The phone rang at 4:00pm while I was still frantically painting and not even close to completion. I knew it was the contest coordinator saying they needed the painting. I pleaded on the phone that the painting was unfinished, but it was to a point where they would at least be able to see what the painting will look like (especially if they stand back about 10 feet). He graciously said that was fine and they would accept the painting into the contest. So, off it went to the DU state convention in Newport, OR and the ducks have no eyes, the reflections in the water are not completed, nor is much feather detail or any real detail for that matter. Dang Artists!!

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