Monday, June 2, 2008

Ducks Unlimited National Convention

Here are some pictures from the trip to Baltimore where I received the award for winning the 2009 International Artist of the Year... It was an incredible, inspiring experience and the people involved with Ducks Unlimited are so generous and giving. It is difficult to describe how grateful my wife and I are for the experiences that Wild Wings and Ducks Unlimited shared with us.

Myself and Rachelle at the sports party at Camden Yards with the incredible staff from Wild Wings - Sara, Michelle, Larry and his wife Roberta. They were so helpful and a lot of fun!

Rachelle and I at the Saturday evening banquet....

Receiving the award, a beautiful custom ring, from Don Young of Ducks Unlimited...

The fine people from Alaska DU - keep an eye open for the upcoming Alaska print Rainy Day Respite - Pintail.

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