Friday, September 14, 2007

What's Going on in the Studio

Below are three paintings that I have been working on recently. I normally have many paintings going at once and, right now, there are currently nine in my studio. To see all nine you can visit 'The Easel' page of my website.

The first painting is of a snow leopard hiding back amongst some rocks. I have actually been working on this painting off and on for an astounding 7 years! It is the largest painting I have ever done measuring 30"x48". Recently, I saw a television special on snow leopards that rekindled my inspiration. Will it be the final push? I don't know, but I am pretty sure it won't be another 7 years until it is finished.

This next painting is about a week old and it needs more details, especially in the background. I am really taken by the lighting and am trying to push it to an extreme to help this male Redhead 'pop' out three dimensionally. I am doing that by incorporating more color than I normally use into the shadows.

This mallard group has been posted before. I have struggled with the layout of the ducks and I think I am going to wipe out one of the males and add a beautifully plumaged wood duck male to it. There just needs to be a bit more color in it, which may play nicely off the blue-headed drake at the bottom of the painting.

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